Pearl Jam’s tribute to HC italian band Raw Power

It’s true: Pearl Jam paid tribute to the pioneers of Italian hardcore, who formed nearby Reggio Emilia over 40 years ago.

The font used to write Pearl Jam on the pin designed for the group’s recent concert in Imola is the one created in 1981 by the Codeluppi brothers’ Raw Power.

It is no coincidence, as not only Jeff Ament is a huge Raw Power fan (which he saw in Columbus, Ohio, in 1985) but also the city in which the group was formed in 1981 (Poviglio, Reggio Emilia) is just over 100 km from Imola, where Pearl Jam played the only Italian concert of the 2022 tour.

There is also another fact that links Raw Power to Pearl Jam: the Studio Litho,  where the hardcore band recorded their album Resuscitate in 2009, (produced by Floyd Reitsma and released in 2010) is owned by Stone Gossard.