Eddie Vedder: “We might have one or two good records left”

Pearl Jam singer reflects on longevity and future of the group which could record a couple of good records at most in the future.

Photo: Danny Clinch

During a recent interview with MOJO, in addition to revealing that he accompanied his daughter Olivia to Taylor Swift’s concert, comparing the generosity of the American singer’s fans to the audience of punk rock concerts, Eddie Vedder spoke about the longevity of Pearl Jam and of the future of the group.

Speaking about the career stage the group is now in, Eddie said: “At this stage in a career, in life you lean on the relationships with the people who are still around,” he says. “It really hits you when you are in a situation where that person would be there. And you’re sad for them that they’re not. But it makes you realise that you gotta be healthy: You want to be around for your kids. You want to make good records, and…”, Vedder adds brightly, “We might have one or two left“.

A few days later, at the backstage of the benefit concert for Teenage Cancer Trust held in London at the end of March, the singer returned to the topic.

Interviewed by Eleonora Bagarotti, when asked “His declaration of still having one or two albums ahead made fans worry”, Eddie replied, “I really think so. He has to do with the passage of time and the need to have different experiences, the awareness of having reached a maturity, even artistic, which leads you to think and produce a record in a different way today.” He then continued, “I don’t fear old age, for me it’s an added value. I have lost many dear friends and I see others, older than me, who continue to make music. That’s the goal. But beware of pursuing it by trying to be what you no longer are. Over the years, my life has gained meaning and awareness, from a private and artistic point of view.