Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament interviewed by the New York Times about the upcoming American vote

Pearl Jam singer and bassist were interviewed by the New York Times on the upcoming American vote: we report the higlights of the interview.

Photo: Michael Kravetsky

What we’ve attempted to do with PJ Votes is really just bring it back down to basics and encourage people to, again, think about what’s important to them, and be active and be patient and realize that this election is going to be different than any other.” – Eddie Vedder

When I was young, even the greatest historian of our time, Howard Zinn, he couldn’t get me as jacked up on politics as Joe Strummer.” – Eddie Vedder

We were inspired by Neil Young singing Ohio, hearing Gimme Some Truth and the Clash and the Sex Pistols talking about the Tory system in England” – Jeff Ament

Asked how their feelings about this moment could be best summed up in a Pearl Jam song, Vedder immediately offered the opening lyrics to Porch (“What the fuck is this world running to?“) while Ed and Jeff agreed on the cleaner, but no less powerful, lyrics from a cover: John Lennon’s Gimme Some Truth.

You can read the whole interview here: nytimes.com