Brad return with their final album

After a decade-long hiatus, Brad return with their final album, In The Moment That You’re Born.

The new album from Brad, In The Moment That You’re Born features ten new self-produced recordings with vocals recorded by Shawn Smith before his passing in 2019.

The tracks include a new Smith-sung version of Stars N’ You; the song was written by late Seattle musician Andrew Wood and originally recorded for the beloved 1986 Deep Six compilation by his band Malfunkshun, which featured future Brad drummer/Loosegroove co-founder Regan Hagar.

In The Moment That You’re Born was recorded and mixed by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho in Seattle (except for the title track, which was mixed by Josh Evans). Barrett Jones plays piano on Meadow in Autumn, while Hans Teuber adds horns and keys on various other tracks. The artwork was created by Hagar and includes photos taken by Lance Mercer.

The album’s title track and music video (directed by Regan Hagar) are available below. This is the first new music from Brad in over a decade and is being released 30 years to the day that their debut album Shame was released in 1993.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Brad is also releasing a limited-edition reissue of their debut album, Shame. A special vinyl variant is available here to Ten Club members.

Both records will be out July 28th,2023, preorder your copies today at Loosegroove Records store.

Here’s Brad’s new album tracklist:

1. In The Moment You Were Born
2. Pieces of Sky in My Head
3. Straight To The Hoop
4. Stars N’ You
5. Meadow in Autumn
6. Take Me Back Home
7. Without Guns
8. Hey Now What’s The Problem?
9. I’m Digging You
10. Simple Subtraction

Brad is:

Keith Lowe: Bass, Piano, Keys
Shawn Smith: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Stone Gossard: Guitars, Keys
Regan Hagar: Drums, Keys

UPDATE 07/28/2023

Brad’s In The Moment That You’re Born is now available everywhere. Enjoy.