Binaural, Riot Act & Pearl Jam: vinyl reissue

Pearl Jam’s Binaural (2000), Riot Act (2002) and Pearl Jam aka Avocado (2006) are being given a long-awaited vinyl reissue on October 6, 2017 – release date still to be confirmed. Further updates will follow.

*UPDATE* The remastered reissues will be released on November 10, 2017. The reissue of Avocado has been remixed by Brendan O’Brien. Six singles from the three albums will also be released on 7” vinyl. Those include Nothing As It SeemsLight YearsI Am MineSave YouBu$hleaguerWorld Wide Suicide. Vinyl reissues can be pre-ordered at & Amazon (Binaural – Riot Act – Avocado – Singles).