Exclusive: Reignwolf interview on PearlJamOnLine.it

After introducing you to Hear Me Out on Barracuda, we had the pleasure to interview the author of one of the best rock’n’roll records of the last years: Jordan Cook AKA Reignwolf.

Reignwolf @ Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA – 2/28/2019 | Photo: Karen Mason-Blair
Reignwolf @ Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA – 2/28/2019 | Photo: Karen Mason-Blair

Hello Jordan and thank you for releasing Hear Me Out, we already elected it “best rock album of 2019”. Let’s start from the beginning. Where does your moniker come from and what its meaning is?

It’s just a feeling I get when I play. Also Pearl Jam was already taken.

Your debut album has been finally released on March 1st. I find very interesting that some of your most famous songs like HardcoreLonely Sunday Are You Satisfied? have not been included. Was it your choice?

We’d already released those songs, and thought our fans deserved some new music. Also we wanted to keep pushing forward with this record.

Some time ago you recorded several songs with Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron. These songs are not on Here Me Out, do you think that sooner or later they might end up being published or will they be in the second Reignwolf album?

Those guys are incredible. You know what, if it wasn’t for Ben I would have never met Joseph (Braley, the Reignwolf drummer). As for those recordings, anything is possible.

The rage of your live performances is well known (and also much appreciated). Did you find it hard to channel that rage into a recording studio?

Of course it’s a different energy in the studio versus on stage but there is a lot of beauty in that. We try to embrace the differences and take more chances experimenting in the studio and then let it all loose on stage.

In Hear Me Out there are some clear influences, from blues to punk, from hardcore to the good old rock’n’roll. This leads naturally to the question: which are the bands and artists that inspired you the most?

We draw influences from across the board, but our music is probably most inspired by the chemistry we feel when we get in a room together.

I think Reignwolf songs would perfectly fit into an horror or a thriller movie…

We’re all suckers for a good rom com.

Hear Me Out has been distributed without the help of any major record company. Was it a necessity or are you more in tune with independent labels?

It just felt like the right move at this point putting the record out independently. We’ve got a great team working really hard with us and it feels good.

Reignwolf @ Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA – 2/28/2019 | Photo: Karen Mason-Blair
Reignwolf @ Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA – 2/28/2019 | Photo: Karen Mason-Blair

If in 2019 a boy or a girl would decide to form a band, what suggestion would you give him/her?

Don’t be afraid of sounding bad – Go Wild!

After your show in Bologna as opening act to Black Sabbath do you think you will be back to Italy soon? Can’t wait to see you perform on some Italian stages!

Luca, that was a fun one. With the record out we’re ready to take this thing everywhere! See you soon.


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