News – January/June 2008

Friday 27.06.2008
 14.00 CET “Harrybu McCage album on sale at”

The debut album from Harrybu McCage, Matt Cameron’s side project with Ryan Burns (keyboards) and Geoff Harper (bass) is now available at The self-titled album is made up of several jazz covers, from Duke Ellington to Thelonious Monk, and a couple of original songs. “Rhodes Jam” is written by Matt Cameron. Here are the tracklist & the artwork:

1. I Mean You (C. Hawkins, T. Monk) LISTEN
2. A Little Max (D. Ellington)
3. Sneakin’ Around (R. Bryant)
4. Evidence (T. Monk)
5. Monk’s Mood (T. Monk)
6. Jetskiing on Priest Lake (Ryan Burns) LISTEN
7. Ask Me Now (T. Monk)
8. Off Minor (T. Monk) LISTEN
9. Rhodes Jam (M. Cameron)
10. Alice in My Fantasies (G. Clinton, Jr.)

Wednesday 11.06.2008
 10.00 CET “2008 official bootlegs: all details”

The band’s official website has announced the official bootleg program for the upcoming 2008 tour. Boots will be available in three formats:

DIGITAL BOOTLEGS Full concert digital downloads will be available two weeks after each concert in mp3 and FLAC formats, only at The price will be $9.99 (mp3) and $14.99 (FLAC) per show.

MADE-TO-ORDER BOOTLEG CDs Physical CDs will be manufactured according to customer demand and will ship within three weeks of each show date. CDs will be made-to-order using recycled material. The price for hard copy bootlegs is $16.99/show and will be available exclusively through

MOBILE BOOTLEGS Each stop of the tour (Bonnaroo and Beacon Theatre shows excluded), Pearl Jam will provide three stand-out tracks per concert mixed in real-time and released via Verizon Wireless’ V CAST Music service or Following each show, Verizon Wireless will offer fans one full-length track as a free mobile bootlegs download with two additional tracks available for purchase. All three tracks will also be available for purchase as ringtones and ringback tones.

“Pearl Jam continues to explore new and innovative ways to get their music to their fans,” said Ten Club Manager Tim Bierman. “As we have learned from our younger fans, more and more listeners are accessing their music through their mobile phones.” Continued Bierman, “Since Verizon Wireless and V CAST are at the forefront of that technology, this collaboration makes perfect sense to us. With our proven track record of delivering high quality bootleg downloads and CDs, we feel this new approach will not only benefit our fans, but provide an exciting opportunity to share Pearl Jam’s music in a more interactive setting.”

Pearl Jam 2008 summer tour begins today in West Palm Beach.

Thursday 06.05.2008
 21.00 CET “Mark Arm on Green River + 2008 bootlegs info coming soon”

In a recent interview, Mark Arm talked about the Green River reunion: “Over a year ago, [Sub Pop founder and chairman] Jonathan [Poneman] said he was thinking about doing a twentieth anniversary thing, and would it be possible for Green River to play? Everyone agreed to it rather quickly, but then nothing happened for almost a year. We did get two practices in last month, and it was really cool because it was the first time all of us had been in a room together in a long, long time. Steve was in town for the first practice, so I think we’re actually going to have three guitar players. It’s gonna be like the Green River version of Lynyrd Skynyrd , just guys trading solos while I stand there going “Huh?”

“There’s one thing that we noticed, and it’s that a lot of those songs are busier than they need to be. Everyone was just like, “Holy crap! Why did we do that ?” But by the second rehearsal everybody had a pretty good feeling about things.” (Source: RS)

In other news, Ten Club has confirmed that information about Pearl Jam’s 2008 official bootleg program for their upcoming USA tour will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Thursday 05.29.2008
 14.00 CET “Pearl Jam live @ the Beacon Theatre in New York on July 1”
Pearl Jam is playing a private benefit concert on July 1, 2008 at the Beacon Theatre in New York; all proceeds from the show will go to the Robin Hood Foundation, which fights poverty in New York City. Organizers hope to raise $3 million to help poor New Yorkers build better lives for themselves and their families (you are required to donate at least $100 to the Foundation first, and then you have the option of getting the tickets. The cheapest ones are $250 each). (Source: Message Pit)
Thursday 05.22.2008
 12.00 CET “Pearl Jam to honor The Who + Vedder & Sonic Youth + Bonnaroo webcast?

It has been confirmed that Pearl Jam, along with Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips, have signed on to perform at VH1’s third annual “Rock Honors,” which this year will salute the Who. The event will be held July 12 at Los Angeles’ Pauley Pavilion and air five days later on VH1.

Sonic Youth has finalized the track list for its compilation “Hits Are for Squares,” due June 10 exclusively in Starbucks stores in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., as well as online. The limited-edition CD features Sonic Youth songs, handpicked by Radiohead, Chloe Sevigny, Dave Eggers, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Beck, Flea, David Cross and other enthusiasts. Participants have also written about their selections for the liner notes. “From my experience nothing gets you going like putting on ‘Teenage Riot’ at full volume … 0 to 60, standing still,” Vedder writes of his choice. “Play it twice and you will have cleaned the house and shoveled the walk. In a car you’ll find yourself doing 95 and getting pulled over before the first chorus.”

In conclusion, Fuse Tv will televise parts of Bonnaroo Festival (link). AT&T Blue Room will also webcast each day of the festival (link), but it is still unclear whether Pearl Jam’s performance will be streamed or not.

Saturday 05.18.2008
 16.00 CET “News on 2008 bootlegs, new album and much more”
In a recent interview with Bollboard, Mike McCready revealed some interesting news:

– Pearl Jam plan to continue making live recordings available to fans from their upcoming tour, but they aren’t sure what form that will take yet

– About the new material the band has been working on: “Some of it’s kind of poppy and some of it’s a little hard. We want it to grow up a little bit. We have to revisit it a few times.”

– As for the possibility of previewing new and unrecorded material at their next shows, Mike said that’s unlikely to happen on Pearl Jam’s upcoming North American tour: “I don’t know if we have it refined enough to want to play it in front of an audience yet. We don’t want to hack in front of everybody.” He added: “We might get into some sort of jam. We have about 200 songs to pull from, so we’ll do that and maybe do some obscure B-sides.”

– Mike would love to have Jack White (White Stripes, Racounters) on stage with Pearl Jam at Bonnaroo: “I think he’s just a phenomenal guitar player. I’d love to see him play up close… because he’s got a killer voice and he’s a great lead player, too.”

Saturday 05.03.2008
 18.00 CET “Further updates on Pearl Jam’s new album + random news

Rolling Stone, Billboard and other online sources have recently reported various quotes about Pearl Jam’s ninth studio album. Here they are:

– “It may be a year from now before we put out a new record, maybe two years, but I don’t think it’ll be that long,” McCready told Seattlepj. “We really want to take our time and make something that really stands out.” The article adds that Pearl Jam will tour the East Coast this spring and summer but doesn’t have any plans to launch a larger tour until a new album is finished. There also aren’t any plans for a Seattle show in the foreseeable future.

– Rolling Stone reports that Pearl Jam have begun work on early demos for their ninth studio album. Mike McCready said: “It’s really in its infant stages right now.” The band isn’t sure yet about the direction of the new release: “Brendan (O’Brien, who will produce the new album, n.d.r.) is another set of ears that we respect, and he’s going to give us a different way to go but I don’t know what that is yet,” McCready said. The band has already had one session with O’Brien, and will probably resume work on the album in July after finishing their June U.S. tour.

– Mike McCready told Seattle radio station KISW on May 1: “We are working on a new record right now, so we are in the process of writing a bunch of new songs, and we have our producer Brendan O’Brien – who worked on some of our earlier records – Vs. and Vitalogy. He is back with us right now so we are working on songs with him. We will try to do a record sometime this year, but that’s about all we got.” He added: “We’ve got about four or five tunes ready to go right now. They are just in the early phases. We won’t give you a Chinese Democracy.” (Mike ironically refers to the infinitly postponed Guns N’Roses album that Axl Rose has been working on for the past 14 years, n.d.r.).

– Billboard reports that Jeff Ament told them in March: “Brendan works really fast. He’s a super pro. I’ve always felt, working with him, that he understood me as a bass player and that’s not always easy. A lot of producers are there to please the singer. But I’ve always had a great rapport with him. I can tell him I want something to sound like the O’Jays or Led Zeppelin or PJ Harvey and he gets it”.”We’ve always been friends,” O’Brien told Billboard last fall. “They were great to me when we were making records together [before], and we still remained very good friends … I still think they’re a great band. Eddie [Vedder] has one of the best, if not the best, voices out there. When he sings, people believe them.”

Random news:

On May 1, Ed Vedder performed at the Malibu Performing Arts Center in California for the taping of the TV project ‘The People Speak’, as we anticipated last week. Vedder played by his own the Phil Ochs’ cover “Here’s To The State” and, after his performance, he declared: “I can’t wait until we don’t have to sing these songs anymore,” referring to the fact that old songs of the left are still feeling so right for the moment.

Billboard has reported that in an effort to support Portland, Ore., U.S. Senate candidate Steve Novick, the band has set aside special tickets to some of its upcoming sold-out shows, that include donations to Novick’s campaign. Last month, Gossard was among a group of musicians that also included R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy, Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker and Spoon’s Britt Daniel who released a letter of support for the candidate.

It is still unconfirmed, but the band is likely to appear on VH1’s Rock Honors special, which will honor the Who and will take place on July 12 in Los Angeles. More details coming soon.

Thursday 05.01.2008
 16.00 CET “News on Pearl Jam’s new album + Stone Gossard live appearance”

Mike McCready made two radio appearances in the last few days and talked, among other things, about Pearl Jam’s new album: on April 25, Mike was on 107.7 The End to talk about the CCFA concert and mentioned that they were currently working on the new album. He didn’t give up any more info except that they were working with their old producer (Brendan O’Brien). On April 30, he was on 104.9 FunkyMonkey and further confirmed Brendan O’Brien (right at the end of this interview). He also said the band is working on ‘5 ideas’ so far.

In other news, on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 a celebration of folk singer Hank Williams will take place at the High Dive in Seattle. “HANK WILLIAMS CHOIR – A night of Hank Williams’ cover tunes to celebrate Arts Corps” will feature Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Brad Sinsel (War Babies & TKO), Jeff Fielder (JF & The Dinosaurs, Sera Cahoone) Mike Musburger (Fastbacks), Barbara Ireland, Dejha Colantuano (Rotten Apples) Kieth Lowe and Hans Teuber.

Wednesday 04.23.2008
 15.00 CET “‘The People Speak’ update”
An update about ‘The People Speak’ project we anticipated some time ago: according to this article, “filming will continue May 1 at the Malibu Performing Arts Center in California with readings by Sean Penn and Don Cheadle and a performance by Eddie Vedder.” Part of the project has already been filmed in Boston last January (info, trailer). Rumor has it that Bruce Springsteen could take part in the project as well (link).
Wednesday 04.16.2008
 10.30 CET “Green River reunion in July confirmed”

Billboard reports that “Sub Pop Records will celebrate its 20th birthday with a July 12-13 party at Seattle’s Marymoor Park, featuring performances by bands from throughout the indie label’s storied past and present.” Tickets for ‘SP20’ will go on sale April 26 (info). As we previously reported, Green River will be among the groups reuniting or breaking long hiatuses for the occasion: they will be playing their reunion show on July 13th (Sunday). Jeff Ament said: “There’s been a few emails exchanged and a few jokes about how we’ll get our hair that big and long again. We might all have to go in for weaves. If we got together and wrote a couple of songs and put out a single, that’d be more important to me than playing a show; just getting in a room together.”

In the meantime, check out the new official Green River MySpace site (link). This site is monitored by the band members through a 3rd party. The page will have updates shortly about the reunion and check out never seen before pics. Perhaps some more demos will be posted.

 “Random news”
  • Harrybu McCage is an electric jazz trio with Ryan Burns on keyboards, Matt Cameron on drums and Geoff Harper on bass. The project will be released on Monkeywrench, available through Pearl Jam’s Tenclub website in 2008. Two songs are available here (‘Jetskiing on Priest Lake’) and here(‘I mean you’, Thelonious Monk cover). The group will play at the Corazon in Seattle on May 3, 2008. According to Ryan Burns’ website, the group is also scheduled to play at Bonnaroo on June 13, 2008.
  • According to Bruce Springsteen’s website, Ed Vedder was at the Boss show at Key Arena in Seattle on March 29, watching from the side but didn’t play. The site also reports that “Your Own Worst Enemy” was played “for Ed” — Vedder, we presume.
Saturday 03.29.2008
 14.00 CET “Brendan O’Brien producing PJ’s next album?”
Rumours are spread Brendan O’Brien might be the producer of Pearl Jam’s next album. According to The Living End website: “The Living End will be stepping in to mix the record with legendary producer Brendan O’Brien, who will be mixing the album in between his commitments recording the new AC/DC album and the new Pearl Jam record.”
 “Random news”
  • Vedder has written the foreword to the new edition of the book “Who Are You: the life of Pete Townshend” by Mark Ian Wilkerson, to be released (UK) March 2008, (US) October 2008.
  • Tickets for the Pearl Jam 2008 tour dates will go on sale to the general public through and all Ticketmaster outlets. Click here for details on sale dates and times.
  • There is talk of two additional shows being added to the 2008 tour schedule:
    June 20, 2008 – Camden, NJ, Susquehanna Bank Center
    June 28, 2008 – Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center
    Beginning April 1, 2008, there will be a ticket “reservation” for Ten Club members at for these shows, which could possibly be added to the tour schedule. Click here for more info.
Friday 03.21.2008
 04.00 CET “Pearl Jam 2008 US East Coast Tour announced”
Pearl Jam’s official website has announced a ten date US East Coast Tour, which begins June 11th and wraps up June 30th. A Ten Club pre-sale for eligible members will begin on Monday, March 24th at 9am PDT @ Ten Club, while tickets for the general public will go on sale through (public on-sale information will be posted on in the near future). The opening act for dates June 11-17 will be Kings of Leon. Opening act for dates June 19-30 will be indie/punk band Ted Leo and The Pharmacists.

Pearl Jam US East Coast Tour 2008

June 11, 2008 – West Palm Beach, FL, Cruzan Amphitheatre
June 12, 2008 – Tampa, FL, St. Pete Times Forum
June 12-15 2008 – Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo Festival
June 16, 2008 – Columbia, SC, Colonial Center
June 17, 2008 – Virginia Beach, VA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
June 19, 2008 – Camden, NJ, Susquehanna Bank Center
June 22, 2008 – Washington, DC, Verizon Center
June 24, 2008 – New York, NY, Madison Square Garden
June 25, 2008 – New York, NY, Madison Square Garden
June 27, 2008 – Hartford, CT, Dodge Music Center
June 30, 2008 – Mansfield, MA, Tweeter Center

In this article, Billboard reports some comments by Jeff Ament: “I’m looking forward to Bonnaroo. The thing that’s probably the most exciting to me is that we’ve been a band for 17 or 18 years and there’s still things like this that we haven’t done.”

Billboard also confirms that a couple weeks ago, band members got together for eight days to begin kicking around ideas for the next Pearl Jam album, although Ament cautions, “It doesn’t mean there’ll be a record our next month, but it’s the start of the process. Sometimes it takes six months and sometimes it takes two years.” He also added, “It’s just fun to play. We’ve actually gotten really good at jamming with each other, so it’s fun to get together and crank up the amps. We’ll have (drummer) Matt (Cameron) throw a beat at us and try to come up with something. There’s some new, different kind of things coming out of people.”

Stone Gossard also commented: “We’re just getting into it, which is so exciting. We have no idea where it’s going but we have a lot of great little starts.”

Ament also commented on Vedder’s upcoming first solo tour: “He’s going to do great. He’s been warming up for this his whole life, but especially the last seven or eight years, playing a song or two himself before our shows.”

Wednesday 03.19.2008
 10.00 CET “‘No more’ official video premiere

On March 17, 2008, MTV announced that their online political and social action community Think MTV was hosting the world premiere of Ed Vedder’s official video for ‘No More’. In the video, directed by Ellen Spiro (who also directed ‘Body of War’), footage from the movie is interspersed with footage of Vedder performing ‘No more’ in Nijmegen.

The video on is available to US residents only, but it’s already on Youtube et similia. To watch it, visit PJOnLine’s new special: Body of War.

Friday 03.14.2008
 12.00 CET “Vedder interviewed about ITW on Italian radio + PJ to appear in a new documentary”
Italian Contatto Radio will broadcast an interview with Ed Vedder about the making of the ‘Into the wild’ soundtrack (#6 on this week’s best selling album chart in Italy). The interview will air today at 18:15 CET and on Saturday at 16:45 CET and can be streamed from here. (Source: RM Board)

Speaking of Vedder, he will be part of a jury formed of liberal activists, recording artists and Hollywood notables that will choose a 30-seconds commercial to support Barack Obama’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. The contest is called “Obama in 30 Seconds” and is promoted by

In other news, Pearl Jam will appear in a new documentary titled ‘Wetlands Preserved: The Story Of An Activist Rock Club’. The DVD will be released on April 22, 2008 and will feature live performances by artists such as the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam (with “Even Flow” from their 07/17/1991 concert), Ben Harper and others who launched their careers at the venue. It’s the second music film this year for producer Peter Shapiro, whose “U2 3D” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. (Source: NYPost)

Tuesday 03.11.2008
 12.00 CET “Second solo album for Stone + Ed Vedder news”
The Seattle Weekly has revealed that Stone Gossard is working on his second solo record. The new record’s being made at Pete Droge’s Vashon Island, WA studio, Puzzle Tree. This is a message posted by Pete Droge on his website: “I’m busy working on Stone Gossard music at the moment. You may know Stone. He is in a little band called Pearl Jam. I am contributing loads of harmony vocals and some guitars to his album. This is the follow up to an album I produced for Stone that came out on Epic Records in 2001 [“Bayleaf”].” We don’t have more detailed information at the moment.

In other news, Rolling Stone reports that Ed Vedder has spent the winter surfing in Oahu, writing and hanging with his wife and three-year-old daughter. “It’s a good place to be in a screwed-up world,” Vedder said. “The water is where I get most of my thinking done, and the writing just starts happening.”

Saturday 03.08.2008
 16.00 CET “CCFA Benefit with Mike McCready on May 3rd, 2008 “

Like every year, a special benefit concert for the Northwest Chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) will take place at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market on Saturday, May 3rd. The concert will feature live performances by Flight to Mars (UFO cover band, featuring Mike McCready) as well as Feral Children (Seattle indie band) and singer/songwriter Kristen Ward.

McCready will perform a very special Tribute to Jimi Hendrix during the opening set and will be joined by brothers Rick and Chris Friel (Shadows, Rockfords). Tickets go on sale at 10am on Friday, March 7th through More information on the event are available at

Friday 02.22.2008
 14.00 CET “‘Body of war’ tracklist revealed”

The tracklisting for ‘Body Of War: Songs That Inspired An Iraq War Veteran’ has been revealed. The compilation, as we reported earlier this month, is due March 18 (5th anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq). The album features a live version of “No More” that Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder performed with Ben Harper at Lollapalooza 2007, as well as a live version of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of war” performed by Pearl Jam. To get a preview of and to pre-order the album, check out the Web site that was launched to support this release (link). Here’s the album’s full tracklisting & cover:

Disc One 
“Hero’s Song” – Brendan James
“American Terrorist” – Lupe Fiasco
“Light Up Ya Lighter” – Michael Franti & Spearhead
“Guerilla Radio” – Rage Against The Machine
“Son Of A Bush” – Public Enemy
“Empty Walls” – Serj Tankian
“Let Them Eat War” – Bad Religion
“White People For Peace” – Against Me!
“Letter From Iraq” – Bouncing Souls
“War” – Dilated Peoples
“Overcome (The Recapitulation)” – RX Bandits
“Fields Of Agony” – No Use For A Name
“Bushonomics” – Talib Kweli & Cornel West
“The 4th Branch” – Immortal Technique
“B.Y.O.B.” – System Of A Down
“No More” (Live) – Eddie Vedder & Ben Harper

Disc Two 
“Devils & Dust” – Bruce Springsteen
“Masters Of War” (Live) – Pearl Jam 
“When The President Talks To God” – Bright Eyes
“Gimme Some Truth” – John Lennon
“The Restless Consumer” – Neil Young
“Battle Hymns” – The Nightwatchman
“Anthrax” – Kimya Dawson
“WMD” – Blow Up Hollywood
“State Of The Union” – David Ford
“Yo George” – Tori Amos
“Love Vigilantes” – Laura Cantrell
“Black Rain” – Ben Harper
“To Kill The Child” – Roger Waters
“Day After Tomorrow” – Tom Waits

(Source: Rolling Stone)

Friday 02.15.2008
 21.00 CET “Ed Vedder US solo tour announced + new collaboration for McCready”

The Ten Club has just announced that Ed Vedder will embark on a ‘small’ solo tour, which is going to take place in the first half of April on the US West Coast. A special ticket pre-sale for eligible members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club will begin at 10am PST on Monday, February 18, 2008 at (only US and Canadian members will qualify for the Ten Club pre-sale), while tickets for the general public will go on sale on Friday, February 22nd at 10am PST through and all Ticketmaster outlets.

Here’s the full list of tour dates for Vedder’s ‘April fools tour’ (Update 02.23.2008):

April 2, 2008 Vancouver, BC, The Centre
April 3, 2008 Vancouver, BC, The Centre *
April 5, 2008 Santa Cruz, CA, SC Civic Auditorium
April 7, 2008 Berkeley, CA, Zellerbach Theatre
April 8, 2008 Berkeley, CA, Zellerbach Theatre *
April 10, 2008 Santa Barbara, CA, Arlington Theatre
April 12, 2008 Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatre
April 13, 2008 Los Angeles, CA, Wiltern Theatre
April 15, 2008 San Diego, CA, Spreckels Theater
April 16, 2008 San Diego, CA, Spreckels Theater *

* Recently added date

New Zealand singer-songwriter Liam Finn (son of the better known Neil Finn, Crowded House singer) will open these shows. Next week, special prime-seat ticket packages will be auctioned off online along with an autographed limited-edition tour poster. These auctions will begin on Friday in conjunction with the public on sale. Proceeds from auction packages will support legal defense efforts for the West Memphis Three via the Damien Echols Legal Defense Fund. (Pearl Jam OnLine’s West Memphis Three Special available here). At present, it hasn’t been announced whether Vedder will be playing the shows completely on his own or with help from other musicians.

Billboard has also confirmed that before Vedder hits the road, Pearl Jam is expected to regroup and start sketching out material for its next studio album.

In other news, Mike McCready is featured as special guest on Kristen Ward’s lastest record, titled “Drive Away”, which is scheduled for release in April 2008 (and available for pre-sale here).

Wednesday 02.06.2008
 10.00 CET “Official: Pearl Jam to play Bonnaroo + ‘Body of war’ news”

Tonight, Pear Jam’s official website has confirmed that the band will perform at the 2008 Bonnaroo Festival, which will be held on June 12-15th in Manchester, Tennessee. 4-day passes for the festival will only be available through beginning February 16th at 12:00pm EDT. No single-day tickets will be available and there are no Ten Club tickets for this show. Full line-up and more information about the festival can be found at

In other news, Sire Records has announced the release of a double-disc album of songs curated by Tomas Young, titled “Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq War veteran,” which also includes “No more”, the original song written and recorded for the documentary by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. The compilation will feature a live version of the track (performed with guest Ben Harper during Pearl Jam’s set at the 2007 Lollapalooza festival in Chicago), as well as contributions from Neil Young, Bright Eyes, Serj Tankian and Tom Morello. The rest of the track-listing is made up of songs handpicked by Young that serve as his personal “soundtrack for Iraq.” They are songs written by artists from various genres and periods of history in response to war, or songs that simply inspired Young throughout his journey to Iraq and back. Proceeds from sales will go to antiwar organization Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). The double album will be released on March 18th, with a vinyl edition arriving April 15. The film hits U.S. theaters in March as well. Full track-listing coming soon.

(Source: Rolling Stone)

Tuesday 02.05.2008
 16.00 CET “Pearl Jam (without Vedder) make Rock around Barack”
On the band’s official website, a new rendition of the old-school tune “Rock Around The Clock” has been made available for download (and later removed). Recorded by members of Pearl Jam (excluding Ed Vedder) to support Barack Obama, is titled “Rock Around Barack” and here’s how Stone Gossard explain the aim of this cover:“Hello everyone. This is a track I’ve been thinking about for a while. Rock Around The Clock was the first mainstream rock and roll hit in 1955 and it had a transforming effect on American music. At that time, rock and rhythm and blues music was traditionally only played on black radio. I am, by no means, an expert on the history of rock & roll, but this was a big deal. The rhythm of rock music and its energy were so overwhelming that traditional barriers of race and culture broke down with an enormous crash. So here’s to new energy, rock and the breaking down of cultural barriers: Barack Around The Clock!”

Drums – Matt Cameron
Bass – Jeff Ament
Rock and Roll Piano – Boom Gaspar
Lead Guitar – Mike McCready
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar – Stone Gossard
Background Vocals – Barrett Jones

Recorded By Floyd Reitsma at Avast Classic
Mixed by Barrett Jones at his place.
Paid for by Stone

Sunday 02.03.2008
 18.00 CET “Pearl Jam (almost) ready to record the new album”
On January 31, Jeff Ament appeared at a Seattle Sonics basketball game. Interviewed by announcer Kevin Calabro, Ament revealed that Pearl Jam are “gonna get together here in a couple of weeks and try and write some stuff” for the Seattle band’s ninth studio album.

It has also been hinted that Pearl Jam are going to play some shows in 2008; one of those, the almost confirmed appearance at the Bonnaroo Festival (which is going to take place in middle June in Manchester, Tennessee), is likely to be announced by the official website on Tuesday night…

Friday 01.25.2008
 16.00 CET “Matt Cameron records a song for Barack Obama 
Matt Cameron and other artists recently assembled at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle to join in helping record and document the recording of a song entitled “Fired up, Ready to Go” written to support the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign. The first studio cut can be previewed here. Pics from this session are available here ** UPDATE ** A video is also available here (and click here for its making of).
Tuesday 01.22.2008
 19.00 CET “No Oscar nomination for Ed Vedder
An Oscar nomination for Ed Vedder’s ‘Into the wild’ song ‘Guaranteed’ was took for granted, after the Golden Globe victory, but a bitter surprise came today: the Academy announced this year’s Oscar nominees, including ‘Best original song’ and Vedder’s song has surprisingly been excluded from the final five contenders. ‘Into the wild’ didn’t even get a nomination in the ‘Best original score’ category, since it was previously considered ‘ineligible’ to be nominated by the Academy. (Sources: Oscar – Variety)
Monday 01.14.2008
 12.00 CET “Ed Vedder wins the Golden Globe + ‘Burn to shine 05’ trailer 

Tonight, Ed Vedder won a Golden Globe Award for ‘Guaranteed’ in the ‘Best original song’ category. This year, Golden Globes winners were announced during a press conference (click here to watch Vedder’s award announcement), because of the ongoing Hollywood writers strike, so the traditional awards show didn’t take place.

An update about the ‘Burn to shine 05: Seattle, WA’ documentary project we were talking about some months ago (click here for more info): a trailer (where you can watch Ed Vedder playing ‘Can’t keep’), some photos and the official track listing are now available on the official website (link). The release date for this DVD has not yet been announced ** EDIT ** We now have a DVD release date: February 19, 2008 (Source: Amazon – Thanks to Simo).

(Photo © Jim Saah)

Thursday 01.10.2008
 13.00 CET “‘Into the wild’ released on vinyl

Straight from Monkeywrench and Vinyl Films Records is proud to announce the release of the limited vinyl version of the soundtrack to the film ‘Into The Wild’. The release will be celebrated with an exclusive Ten Club pre-sale beginning January 14th at 10am Pacific.

Initially released digitally and in compact disc format, ‘Into The Wild’ has been recorded on to high-grade audiophile vinyl. The vinyl release includes an extended version of the album track “The Wolf”, plus a bonus 7-inch single with both studio and live versions of the track “No More”, a 28-page full color booklet with lyrics and exclusive liner notes by Director Sean Penn.

This very special and very limited vinyl release will be available only at www.pearljam.combeginning January 14th, for $20 USD plus shipping, while supplies last. ‘Into The Wild’ vinyl will be released in stores on January 29th.

Thursday 01.03.2008
 17.00 CET “‘Guaranteed’ video premiere announced

The band’s official website has announced the world premiere of ‘Guaranteed’ music video, from Ed Vedder’s solo work, ‘Music for the Motion Picture Into the wild’. The video, the first solo one for Vedder, was directed by critically-acclaimed writer/director Marc Rocco (Murder in the First and Where the Day Takes You) and premieres January 7th at 6:00 a.m. EST on VH1 and Video repeats will air throughout the morning hours and online leading up to VH1’s live telecast of the 13th Annual Critics Choice Awards at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Feature film writer/director Marc Rocco conceived, directed and produced the video for “Guaranteed” in just a few days – and shot the project entirely on 35 mm film in three hours – as a way for the typically video-shy Vedder to pay tribute to Sean Penn’s film and Chris McCandless’s journey. The video uses a series of floating, illuminated images from Into the Wild to capture Vedder’s intimate and poetic performance, weaving striking silhouettes of Vedder with translit still frames from the film in a powerful and simple way. “To me, Eddie is the most compelling musical artist of our generation,” explains Rocco. “His songwriting pounds you on a visceral level and his storytelling always stands apart in the same way a great film does – each time you hear his words, they engender a different experience in your heart, soul and mind. It has been a privilege and honor to collaborate with Eddie in a medium that he so rarely visits. I hope that I’ve portrayed visually the song ‘Guaranteed’ in a way that leaves the viewer as emotionally moved as I was the first time I heard Eddie’s music for ‘Into the Wild’.”

Here are some screenshots from the video and its making of:

Speaking of ‘Into the wild’, Vedder’s solo album is amongst the 54 finalists for the Shortlist Music Prize, a music award given annually to an album released in the United States within the last year, as chosen by a panel of musicians, producers and journalists. Albums are eligible only if they have not been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America by the time of nomination.

In conclusion , the Ten Club has also announced that Harrybu McCage (featuring Matt Cameron), along with other local bands, will play at The Showbox Market in Seattle on January 26th for the benefit event FLOOD WATCH! A Benefit for the Flood Victims in Central WA (click here for more info).