MP3 of the Month: October 2007
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Verona soundcheck, a bit more than a year ago. Those who were there on that night remember it well, that soundcheck still sends chills down their spine. The blowing wind, the falling rain... 'our' band rehearsing well-known songs and rarities.

At the very beginning of the soundcheck, late in the afternoon, it came 'Immortality', played by Vedder only. Shortly before, a divertissement: an acoustic version of 'Lukin' played by Vedder and McCready on the upper-most steps of the ancient Arena di Verona.

Those who were there, still remember that 'Immortality'. Those who weren't there just had the opportunity to experience it in the newly released DVD, 'Immagine in cornice'. The mp3's of this month are taken from this DVD... Good listen.



Recorded @ Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy, 2006.09.16
Quality: 256 Kb/sec