MP3 of the Month: Luglio 2005
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Collaborazione interessante tra Ed Vedder e i Kings Of Leon, durante lo show degli U2 a Seattle di quest' anno.

Cover dei Kings Of Leon, a detta di Vedder la sua canzone preferita della band, supporters degli shows americani della band iralndese.

Grazie a:

Marc Last Soldier


Slow night so long, she's frenching out the flavour,
She's 17 but I done went an plum forgot it
No tears are gone they're pooling on the table,
No tears are gone they're leaving their mark behind
So far so good she's absolutely wasted,
She's hanging up and changing her story around
I just don't know where leading ladies come from,
I just don't know where they can be found
She's opened up just like she really knows me,
I hate her face, but enjoy the company
I'll take you home, or back to Oklahoma,
You're not so nice, but sex sells so cheap
Rise and shine all you gold-digging mothers,
Are you too good to tango with the poor boys
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Registrata: Seattle, WA, 25.04.2005