MP3 of the Month: Aprile 2003
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Ci stavamo avvicinando verso la fine del travagliato tour di Vitalogy. San Josè, una delle date cancellate in giugno del 95 e recuperate l' inverno dello stesso anno. Gli amici Ben Harper e alcuni membri dei Fastbacks (Kurt Bloch e Kim Warnick) salirono sul palco per suonare con i Pearl Jam questa magnifica cover dei Byrds. Ora è vostra...


So you want to be a rock & roll star
Well listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar
And take some time and learn how to play

And when if your hairs are right
And your pants are tight It's gonna be all right
(It's gonna be all right)

Well is time to go downtown
To the agent man he won't let you down
Sell your soul to the company
They're all waiting there To sell plastic wares
And in a week or two if you make the charts
The girls will tear you apart

What you pay for these riches and fame
Well it's all a vicious game You're a little insane
What you get is the public acclaim
Don't forget who you are You're a rock & roll star

Qualità: 192 kb/ sec
Registrata: 04.11.1995, Spartan Stadium, San Josè, CA