MP3 of the Month: Agosto 2006
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... classico del punk californiano anni ottanta. Tim Robbins, il famoso attore/regista/musicista (marito della grande Susan Sarandon) sul palco insieme ai suoi amici Pearl Jam, qualche settimana fa, a Los Angeles. "Los Angeles" proprio come il classico album degli X. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: un vero colpo al cuore sentire Ed Vedder, Tim Robbins e i Pearl Jam suonare con tanto amore, passione e vemenza questa stupenda canzone dei grandissimi X, la band di John Doe e Exene Cervenka.

The facts we hate, we'll never meet
Walkin' down the road, everybody yellin' hurry up, hurry up
But I'm waiting for you, I must go slow
I must not think bad thoughts
What is this world coming to?
Both sides are right, but both sides murder
I give up -- why can't they?
I must not think bad thoughts...
The civil wars -- and the uncivilized wars
Conflagrations leap out of every poor furnace
The food cooks poorly and everyone goes hungry
>From then on it's dog eat dog, dog eat body, body eat dog
I can't go down there, I can't understand it
I'm a no-good coward, an American too
A North American, that is, and I must not think bad thoughts
I'm guilty of murder of innocent men
Innocent woman and innocent children
Thousands of 'em
My planes, my guns, my money, my soldiers
My blood on my hands -- it's all my fault
I must not think bad thoughts...
The facts we hate, you'll never hear us
I hear the radio's finally gonna play "new music"
You know, the "British Invasion"
But what about the Minutemen, Flesheaters, D.O.A.,
Big Boys and the Black Flag

We're the last American band to get played on the radio
Please bring the Flag, please bring the Flag
All this noble savage drum drum drum
Astronauts go back in time to hang out with the ape people
It's about time, it's about space
It's about some people in a strange place
Woody Guthrie sang about B-E-E-T-S not B-E-A-T-S
I must not think bad thoughts...

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