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March 2002. All Tomorrow's Parties. The 2002 US edition of the well known alternative festival takes place in Los Angeles. Sonic Youth are the curators and, among many other guests, they invite their dear friend Ed Vedder, who performs as a solo artist, playing for the first time many of the songs that will finally be released on "Ukulele Songs," due out May 31, 2011, nine years after this performance. While we're all waiting for the release, listen to the full ATP set to refresh your memory and get familiar with some of the new/old songs.

"All Tomorrow's Parties - Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
15 March, 2002"

Features Soon Forget, Happy Birthday, Can't Keep, Goodbye, Broken Hearted, Satellite, Thumbing My Way, I Am Mine, You're True, Longing To Belong, Parting Ways + No Fun (from Stooges tribute set)


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