MP3 of the Month: Novembre 2003
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Man Of The Hour, una nuova canzone dei Pearl Jam composta per il nuovo film di Tim Burton (initolato Big Fish) in uscita il 23 gennaio 2004. Man Of The Hour, eseguita per la prima volta durante lo show del 22 ottobre 2003 alla Benaroya Hall. Man Of The Hour... che si candida già come una delle migliori canzoni composte dai nostri. Da notare il testo (uno dei piu' toccanti scritti da Vedder in tutti questi anni).

Una perfetta canzone per questo freddo inverno...



Tidal waves don’t beg forgiveness
Crashing on in wait
Father he enjoyed collisions
Others walked away
The snowflake falls in vain
And the doors open out
As the bells are ringing down
Because the man of the hour
Is taking his final bow
Bye for now

Nature has its own religion
Gospel of the land
A Father ruled by long division
The young man may pretend
Old man comprehend
And the sky breaks at dawn
Shedding light upon this town
We’re all gonna drown
As the man of the hour
Is taking his final bow
Bye for now

And the road
The other man prayed
Who of them saints
Upon our way?
Looks it's enlightening
Ahh, just for me
Because God made love his own way

And the man of the hour
Is taking his final bow.
As the curtain comes down,
I feel that this is just
Bye for now…

Qualità: 192 kb/ sec
Registrata: 22.10.2003, Benaroya Hall, Seattle
Pix credits: Grazie a JulieAnn