MP3 of the Month: Gennaio 2005
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Un piccolo show intimo alla House Of Blues.

Ed Vedder incontro', sul palco, per la seconda volta il suo 'idolo' Pete Townshend. Mille storie da raccontare su questo grande uomo (a partire dalla citazione in PT) ma preferisco che sia questo splendido duetto a parlare al posto di mille parole.

Grazie mille a Paolo JFM.

Me and my brother were talking to each other
'Bout what makes a man a man
Was it brain or brawn, or the month you were born
We just couldn't understandOur old man didn't like our appearance
He said that only women wear long hairSo me and my brother borrowed money from Mother
We knew what we had to do
We went downstairs, past the barber and gymnasium
And got our arms tattooedWelcome to my life, tattoo
I'm a man now, thanks to you
I expect I'll regret you
But the skin graft man won't get you
You'l be there when I die
TattooMy dad beat me 'cause mine said "Mother"
But my mother naturally liked it and beat my brother
'Cause his tattoo was of a lady in the nude
And my mother thought that was extremely rudeWelcome to my life, tattoo
We've a long time together, me and you
I expect I'll regret you
But the skin graft man won't get you
You'll be there when I die
TattooNow I'm older, I'm tattooed all over
My wife is tattooed too
To you

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Registrata: 14/06/1997 - House Of Blues