MP3 of the Month: February 2009
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Gaslight Anthem are a young punk band inspired by the sound of Springsteen and The Ramones, mixed with some Social D, Tom Waits and Pearl Jam.

During their recent British tour, the band has performed 'State Of Love And Trust', giving honor to this song, so loved by Pearl Jam fans.

The Gaslight Anthem will be in Milan in a few days for not-to-be-missed gig. Meanwhile, click here here to find out more about this great promise of rock.

Written by Pearl Jam
Performed by The Gaslight Anthem
Recorded at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK
February 08, 2009

State of love and trust
as I busted down the pretext
sin still plays and preaches
but to have an empty court, uh huh
and the signs are passin, grip the wheel
can't read it
sacrifice receiving the smell that's on my hands...hands yeah
and I listen for the voice inside my head
nothin', I'll do this one myself

lay her down as priest does
should the lord be acountin'
will be in my honour, make it pain
painfully quick, uh huh
promises are whispered
in the age of darkness
want to be enlightened
like I want to be told the end...end, yeah
and the barrel shakes
aimed directly at my head
oh, help me, help me from myself
and I listen yeah,for the voices
inside my head
nothin', I'll do this one myself
oh oh oh myself....Myself

hey that's something and I listen, yeah,
for the voice inside my head
nothin', I'll do this one myself
and the barrel waits,
trigger shakes
aimed right at my head
won't you help me
help me from myself


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