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Lightning Bolt - The making of

June 2010
At tonight’s Pearl Jam show in Dublin (06/22/2010), the boys debuted a new song that Eddie called “so new it might not even be a song. We’ll see.” Originally written and recorded during the "Pearl Jam" (2006) studio sessions, "Of The Earth" was recently re-recorded during the "Backspacer" sessions.


January 2011
In a recent interview with Billboard, Jeff Ament confirmed that Pearl Jam will be heading back to studio in April to begin working on their 10th studio album. "We did a whole bunch of demos and everybody's got a disc of 25 [songs] right now," Ament said. "April will be the time where we get together and learn to play all these demos and figure out which 12-15 of them float to the top. Hopefully we can get something done this year."

September 2011
Toward the end of Pearl Jam's huge 20th-anniversary celebration on September 4th, Eddie Vedder returned to the stage alone with an acoustic guitar and began playing a sweet little tune he'd written just hours before. "Couldn’t have told me back then that it would someday be allowed to be so in love with life, as deeply as we are now," he sang, his voice full of genuine gratitude. "Never thought we would, never thought we could/So glad we made it/I’m so glad we made it/I’m so glad we made it to when it all got good."


September 2011
Pearl Jam debuted a new song, “Olé” on “Jimmy Fallon” as part of its two-night stint on the late-night talk show in September. The band then immediately made the song available as a free download on its website.

September 2011 Toronto Sun
You said you think in terms of what comes next. So what comes next? I hear you’ve been recording.
Mike McCready: We do have five or six demos that we feel good about — just rough mixes and things. Sometime next year, hopefully, we’ll go back in and record some music. We need to get about seven or eight more songs down to have a full record.
Is the new material heading in any specific direction?
Mike McCready: It’s in such an infantile stage that it’s hard to say. Right now it’s a logical extension of Backspacer. There may be a few more dark songs, and a few longer songs. It might not be as poppy.

September 2011
Pearl Jam have been celebrating their 20th anniversary all month long – with a two-day festival, a Cameron Crowe-directed documentary and a coffee-table book. But they can't wait to get back to making new music.

The band recently offered a hard-charging new rocker called "Olé" as a free download – and it's just one of several tunes they recorded this past spring for a planned album, their 10th studio effort. "We're at least at the halfway point," bassist Jeff Ament tells Rolling Stone. "The first handful of songs we had are a great, great start. It's been really important for us that in the middle of all this, we got together and recorded a bunch of songs".
They recorded the new songs with longtime producer Brendan O'Brien at Los Angeles' Henson Recording Studios – a venue change that Ament says helped them work efficiently.
Pearl Jam hope to finish recording the new album early next year. "They knocked out a bunch of songs in just a couple weeks with Brendan, and everybody was blown away," says manager Kelly Curtis. "It's hard for them to sit on that shit. They're raring to go forward."

March 2012
A couple of new interviews with Stone Gossard and Mike McCready revealed that Pearl Jam have officially entered the studio to begin working on a new record, their tenth. Stone Gossard told Rolling Stone: "We've recorded some songs, and we're going to record and write some more. You never know, it might be that we're a song away or two, or it might be that we're going to record six or seven more songs. I think the main thing is that were not in a rush and there's no urgency to it. The most important thing is that we put something out that continues to expand our boundaries rather than trying to follow what we've done in the past. I think it's a good time to hopefully continue to experiment, and continue to shake it up. So that people can go "Wow, that's kind of weird for Pearl Jam," and then 10 years later they can go, "Oh, that’s my favorite period." Which is always kind of what happens. You try something and at first everybody doesn't necessarily understand it, and then you look back and you go, thank God we tried something new, because it really opened a door up for us to be able to do this and this and this beyond that."

Mike McCready, interviewed by the Weekly just a few days later, said that the band has just started working on demos and also confirmed that they will be working once again with trusty producer Brendan O'Brien. "We're in the process of everyone bringing their demos and getting their songs out there". At the moment there is no official release date but it seems very unlikely that the new record will see the light of day in 2012.

April 2012
A couple of days ago, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready was interviewed by 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville and revealed that Pearl Jam have fifteen ideas ready for the new record, two or three of them being "Backspacer" outtakes. According to Mike, the band's tenth studio album is due out in 2013.

July 2012
Pearl Jam live @ 02 World, Berlin, Germany - Improv or new song?


August 2012
Despite reports that Pearl Jam has been in the studio working on the followup to their 2010 album Backspacer, guitarist Mike McCready says the band is currently in a "holding pattern," according to Spin. The band has paused while singer Eddie Vedder readies a solo tour and drummer Matt Cameron returns to Soundgarden. "We're just kind of sitting around, writing songs. We have about seven ideas so far that we did last year and we're just kind of sitting on those right now," said McCready (via Rolling Stone).

September 2012
Jeff Ament: “We’re halfway through. We have a ton of ideas. It’s just a matter of us, everybody clearing enough space to finish it up. The great thing at this point is we’re not really in a hurry to do anything. We kind of do things as naturally as we can.”


November 2012
On the new ‘Inside Soundgarden: King Animal’ radio special Matt Cameron revealed that Pearl Jam will likely head back into the studio in spring to finish their new album.

November 2012
Eddie Vedder debuted a new song, "Loud Uke" (very Pearl Jam-ish), during his concert in El Paso, TX, 11/07/2012. Eddie Vedder debuted another new song, "Sunset Drive", during his concert in San Antonio (Texas), 11/16/2012.

January 2013 rollingstone.com
Pearl Jam is working on new music, right?

Ed Vedder: "Um, maybe halfway there. We're taking our time. I was talking to Jeff [Ament] today, we were texting, he's got his group up there. He's heading to the West coast, I'm heading East. And we're out here like you know like Johnny Appleseed. He's covering part of the country. I'm doing the other. And at some point we'll join forces again for sure, but the band is as healthy as ever and I'm sure it's good to get a little break from each other, but it's nice to – we'll be ready to go when we're ready to go".

January 2013 jamonline.it
Eddie Vedder said that you are halfway done with your next album ...
Stone Gossard: "More or less. We have five songs ready, more to come in the next three, four months. It could be done by summer, who knows."
How is it going to play? Or how would you like it to sound?
Stone Gossard: "We are at too early a stage to speculate. We still don't have an album idea to discuss, speculation would not help. I do not want to think about it: I want to do it, first. Obviously I hope it will be a great record. I hope it sounds fresh in people's ears. Interesting. Different. These are intangible qualities: you know you have them captured only after you did."

January 2013 Rolling Stone
Jeff Ament on new Pearl Jam record: "I hope it comes out this year at some point".

February 2013 Rockol
Stone Gossard on new Pearl Jam record: "I believe that in the next four or five months we will continue working on it. I cannot tell you an exact date, but if all goes according to plan, we will have a new Pearl Jam album in nine or twelve months."

February 2013 Rolling Stone
Mike McCready on new Pearl Jam record: "Pearl Jam hope to have their next album out this year, for sure. What everybody's been saying is halfway done," he says of the follow-up to 2009's Backspacer. "I think that's true – we have seven songs that are relatively completed. But then we have an additional 15 ready to go aside from any that Eddie brings in, so we'll weed through those. I would say as a cliché answer it's kind of a logical extension of what Backspacer was, but I think there's a little bit more experimental stuff going on. There's a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it, there's a punk rock edge to other stuff."

February 2013 Pearl Jam OnLine
During the recent Brad European tour, Pearl Jam OnLine was able to chat with Stone Gossard, who confirmed that Pearl Jam are not playing in Europe in 2013, but probably next year after the release of their new album. He added that his second solo record might come out soon and that Brad could return to Europe as early as next year.

March 2013 theskinny.co.uk | premierguitar.com
Jeff Ament told theskynny.co.uk that he thinks the band is ready to go back into the studio this month. They have "tonnes of instrumental ideas and partial songs" from last year's sessions. The bassist says he is confident that the band could be ready to record something after spending a week or so in the studio. "We need to have twelve really good songs before we can go ahead to the next step," he said.
Mike McCready, interviewed by premierguitar.com, said that he feels that the band could release something this year, even though it will depend on how the upcoming recording sessions will turn out.

Mid March 2013
Pearl Jam have returned to Henson Recording Studios in LA to fleshing out their 10th studio album.

March 20 2013
Mike Einziger, lead guitarist of alt-rockers Incubus, tweeted to his followers a picture of him accompanying Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and Ann Marie Calhoun in a recording studio. According to the tweet, Einziger, Calhoun and Vedder were recording strings for the new Pearl Jam record.

March 21 2013
Einziger, tweeting from Los Angeles, said in the wee hours of Wednesday morning that he was with the band recording strings for the upcoming LP. Posting a photo, he wrote, "In the studio with my girl and Eddie Vedder, recording strings for Pearl Jam's new album." A representative for Pearl Jam has now said via e-mail this tweet is "not true."

March 21 2013 1057thepoint.com
Pearl Jam has recruited virtuoso violinist Ann Marie Calhoun, who happens to be the girlfriend of Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, to lay down some tracks for the band's new album.

April 5th 2013 youtube.com
Mike McCready on new Pearl Jam album: "We hope that we will have something out by the end of the year. We are in the middle of the process of recording right now, we will be mixing pretty soon. We just jumped from doing a bunch of music to coming down here, recording some ideas. It’s gonna be cool I am pretty excited about it. I don’t know how to explain it yet, we aren’t done mixing it. There’s some interesting, different stuff than we’ve done. Some harder stuff, and some more trippy Pink Floyd-y stuff, to punk rock, to melodies, all sorts of stuff that we haven’t really… we’ve touched on before but maybe a little bit more realized now. I’m excited – we haven’t had a record out for 3 years… we hope to have something out by the end of the year".

April 5th 2013
Mike McCready was interviewed on Siriux XM Pearl Jam Radio by The Rob, while they were backstage at Pearl Jam's concert in Argentina on April 3.
The guitarist revealed that during the latest sessions in March 2013 the band has recorded another half-dozen songs for their tenth studio album that could come out later this year. McCready wrote two songs, a punk rock one and another one with a "Pink Floydian" atmosphere, while Matt Cameron has contributed a track that sounds like an U2 song. Mike also reported that Vedder, as well as having written beautiful lyrics, wrote a few garage rock songs. Regarding the title of the new album, though the band has not decided yet, he thinks that "Of The Earth" could be a perfect title, even if a final take of the homonymous song (written at the time of "Pearl Jam" in 2006 and re-recorded in the days of "Backspacer") has not yet been finalized in the studio.

April 30th 2013
Stone Gossard told twistedradio.com that Pearl Jam's new studio album is about to be completed and will likely come out in 2013. "Sounds like Pearl Jam" Gossard told guerrillacandy.com, "You’re going to hear some rock songs and you’re going to hear some quiet songs and you’ll hear some songs in between. That’s all I can really say about it because we aren’t talking about it yet so it doesn’t make much sense for me to say anything.”

May 1st 2013
Jeff Ament was interviewed on Siriux XM Pearl Jam Radio.
Jeff on Pearl Jam's new album:
"If all goes well it should be out before the end of the year".

May 8th 2013
Pearl Jam's new album to be titled "X"?

May 8th 2013 artistdirect.com
Stone Gossard on Pearl Jam's new album: "The Pearl Jam record is getting really close at this point. When we finish the record, we'll start figuring out some dates.
I'm assuming this album will be out by the end of the year, if all goes well. That's the plan. There's no news about what it sounds like yet, but it's going to be a good Pearl Jam record. There's no question about it. It sounds really good to my ears right now".

Mike McCready told kiroradio.com that Pearl Jam's new studio album is currently beign mixed and is better than "Backspacer".

May 10th 2013
New Pearl Jam song? [snippet]

May 31th 2013
[UNCONFIRMED] According to AllAccess.com, Pearl Jam will release the lead single off of their currently untitled 10th studio album on July 16th. The track is titled “Mind Your Manners.” It will be the band’s first new release since 2011′s “Ole.” Thanks to grungereport.net.

June 7th 2013
[UNCONFIRMED] According to Damon Stewart (@damon_stewart) new Pearl Jam album is done! Some minor touches still, but it's done.

June 18th 2013
Steve Gleason was invited to write Peter King's column at CNNSI this morning, he dropped some Pearl Jam info: "I will be interviewing Pearl Jam to discuss their forthcoming album, which is their 10th. The band chose four people they were excited about talking to -- and being interviewed by -- for a series of recorded and filmed discussions focused on the creative process. Somehow I ended up being one of them. Which meant I got to hear some music off the new album. It's sweet, by the way." Thanks to demetrios!

June 26th 2013
TripleM Radio (Sydney): "We just heard the new Pearl Jam song "Mind Your Manners" from the upcoming album and what a cracking 3-minute beauty it is! You'll wet your pants over this. Think "Spin the Black Circle". Short, sharp, hard and loud. If it's any indication of the album that's to come (rumoured October release), the guys have picked up where they left Backspacer and added turbo charging. PJ fans are gonna love it".

June 30th 2013 mynorthwest.com
According to Mike McCready, Pearl Jam are putting the finishing touches on their highly-awaited new album. There's no release date set, but the recording is done and the mixing and album artwork are just about completed.

July 3th 2013
What's going to happen on Pearl Jam's official website on Monday, July 8 at 12:00 pm (central time)? That's what fans worldwide have been asking themselves since July 1, when an email sent out to fans & social media alerts hashtagged #PearlJam2013 announced the launch of pearljam.com/countdown, a mysterious countdown at the end of which Pearl Jam will officially unveil their next steps.

Lots of rumors and unconfirmed reports are surfacing, such as:
- Announcement of an U.S. tour, speculated about for months and scheduled for fall 2013,
- Presentation of the first single (almost certainly titled "Mind Your Manners") off their new album (with partial or full streaming of the track?),
- Details on the new album (tracklist, artwork, release date?)

A possible tracklist of the album - tentatively titled "Tides" - has surfaced on the web and rumor has it that it will be released on October 8, 2013. The album would consist of twelve tracks (46 minutes total) and the track listing would be as follows:

1. Reruns Revolution (3:36)
2. Kickstop (2:14)
3. Vivid Futures (3:58)
4. Mind Your Manners (3:08)
5. The Undertow (4:04)
6. Red (3:23)
7. Of The Earth (6:15)
8. Tracking Change (4:21)
9. Uncharted Terrain (3:59)
10. Foliage (2:16)
11. Derision (3:32)
12. Sans Fins (7:12)

The only thing that seems quite sure at the moment is the release of the single "Mind Your Manners" on July 16, 2013. Australian radio Triple M had the chance to listen to it and enthusiastically commented: "You'll wet your pants over this. Think 'Spin the Black Circle'. Short, sharp, hard and loud… If it's any indication of the album that's to come (rumored October release), the guys have picked up where they left Backspacer and added turbo charging. PJ fans are gonna love it." Now we just have to wait until July 8 at 12:00 pm. Stay tuned!

July 12th 2013
"Lightning Bolt" & "Mind Your Manners"
~ So there we are: yesterday, at the end of the second countdown on pearljam.com/countdown, Pearl Jam have unveiled the title and release date for their tenth, highly anticipated studio album.

The album, titled "Lightning Bolt", recorded between 2011 and 2013 and produced by longtime collaborator Brendan O'Brien, will be released on Monkeywrench Records/Republic Records and is set for a US release on October 15. Internationally, it will be distributed by Universal Music Group a day earlier, October 14. The album consists of twelve tracks (the tracklist has not yet been revealed) and is available for pre-order at pearljam.com/lightningbolt in digital format, CD and vinyl (the pre-order comes with an instant, free download of the first single) and at iTunes. Ten Club members pre-orders will feature exclusive digital video content to be delivered on album release date.

Yesterday, as widely expected, the first single from "Lightning Bolt", titled "Mind Your Manners", was released. The track, a furious hardcore punk tune that owes as much to the X and the Dead Kennedys as to certain Motörhead and Plasmatics sounds, is available for streaming on Pearl Jam's official YouTube channel and can be purchased in digital format at the band's store or at iTunes. Ready to headbang your head off!?

Also, as we predicted, a new countdown on pearljam.com/countdown has already started, ending on the same day as the release of "Lightning Bolt". What will be revealed next?